Schoooools Out For Summaaaa!

Hello internet! So as you may have guessed that I am now finished with my spring semester of college yay! Thank you JEEZSUH, that I made it through. Finals week literally almost killed me. Its been a rough first year of college, there have been some ups and downs but I’m very proud of myself for working hard and not giving up. Even though this was my first of college I will be a junior next semester because I took many college classes during high school, so I don’t have much longer, double yay! I’m super excited for what is yet to come for me. I have a good feeling about my future. See here’s my plan (at the moment) after I graduate high school I plan on moving to Austin, Texas full of creative and innovative people and network, find a job I love, and just enjoy myself. After being there for a while and making my mark there, I’m going to move to Los Angeles, California and just continue doing what I love but just take it to the next level until I’m satisfied with the result. I’ve always felt like LA is the place for me to be, I grew up in California half of my life it only make sense. I just want to write books, and take pictures, and travel, and meet people, and fall in love, and just be in love with life. But first I have to graduate hah. For now I’m just going enjoy my very relaxed summer. I’m not traveling alot  or worrying about anything other than furnishing my apartment. Expect alot of post coming up, and I’ll blog ya later 🙂 

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