My new goal.

Hello! First off I would like to say I’m so so so sorry for taking these long leaves of absence from blogging. As most of you know I am in my second year of college, I also have started working as well. My life has never been so busy nor so confusing. 19 is such a unnecessary and unkind age to be. I’ve just been going through so much and have been in this weird place. I feel so stuck and not sure what to do next, or really what I’m doing now. From recent blog post, and youtube videos related to fashion week I’ve realized many of these girl who are at fashion week are not in the fashion industry they’re bloggers like me. I’m not sure of where I’m going with my life right now but I’ve always been sure I have wanted to one of those girls at fashion week sitting front row, living her dream because she put her individual perspective out there and people liked it. So thats the new goal, make this blog as successful as I’ve always wanted to be. Over the past 2 years I have been pleasantly surprised by the postive feedback and amount of readers I have had here, and I thank all my readers soooo much. Stick with me, and watch grow even more. 

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