A bit about me.


So since I’m starting fresh with FNL I though I would talk a little bit about me. My blog is not about me at all I have never wanted it to be which is why I’m not one of those blog with tons of outfit selfies, however I figured you guys should know the man (woman) behind the machine (hp laptop). So first I’m 19 years old. I’ve been 19 since June, it’s not a fun age very unkind & unnecessary. I have 8 sibling, 3 dogs, 5 best friends, and about 2,000,000 pairs of shoes. I believe in gay marriage, and that weed should be legal, yeah I’m one of those spread love not hate kind of people,. Currently a journalism major but that may change you never know with me. My whole life I’ve been creative,  I used to want to be a painter, then a fashion designer, then when I got to high school I how much I liked writing & how much moved I was by good writing. Favorite writers right now are Chuck Palinuik, & Jeanette Walls. Because of these great writers I am now I’m pursing a degree in journalism with a minor in communications, so I can go write books & travel the world with my Canon xs camera in hand. Hmmm, what else…I cant think of anything at the moment but anyone has any question feel free to ask, being on the internet and all I’m an open book.

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