Nasty Gal Fall 2013 Collection Review

Image Fall 2013 

I have been a fan of Nasty Gal for a good while, constantly stalking and posting on Pintrest their pieces that I love but can’t buy until after I pay rent. But I have ordered shoes from them before and they do have great customer service. Anyway while recently viewing the sites new arrivals, I noticed Nastygal had recently released their fall 2013 collection. The minute I opened the tab to this collection I was amazed, really like nothing I’ve seen before, especially not from an online  based brand. 5 words to describe the collection: SLEEK, TEXTURED , EASY, TAILORED & OIL SLICK (I’m deciding that one word at the moment). If I could I would buy this whole collection. All the pieces in this collection can easily mix, matched, and paired together and look like no thought was put into at all ,in a good way of course. Major applause to Nastygal and their design team for producing such a unique fun and refreshing fall collection. 

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