Artist Analysis: Earl Sweatshirt

earl-sweatshirt-hive-videoSo for those are new here, I started this blog when I was 14 years old (originally titled Fourteen Magazine, oh so creative eh?) , which was strictly dedicated to writing about music. I would interview bands via Myspace and then post it. However times have changed, and I dont have a myspace nor the time to interview bands so I thought I would transition into doing some music related post by doing “Artist Analysis”. My first artist analysis is going to be Earl Sweatshirt, one of the many member of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew. I’ve reviewed the crew’s music, and I’ve reviewed the Tyler the creators musics now its time for Earl, and I think I may be actually liking him a little bit more than Tyler. I’ve been listening to his album Doris in my car constantly, and I like his rap style is alot more smooth and chill, than loud and in your face than most Odd Future music. However he still has the vulgar and L.A. attitude in his music that I like so much. The beats are sick on his tracks, like with every odd future produced album. You can definitely tell how much thought, time, and energy went into writing his lyrics, and producing the beats. I appreciate and artist who really cares about what they’re putting out there, and not just throwing some garbage to their fans and listener just to earn another big paycheck. Thanks not what good rap music is about, and Earl Sweatshirt makes that clear as the artist that he is. My favorite songs on the Doris album are Sunday, High, Chum, and Whoa.

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