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Blogger Babes ♡

Yesterday I tried so hard to write a post, however nothing was really grabbing my attention or inspiring me. I tend to get writers block more often then I want, and as a blogger and journalism major its quite frustrating. I’m not sure how some bloggers are able to blog every single day cause I just can’t. I have major respect for those bloggers who are constantly adding new and incising content. Today however I’m struggling a bit less with my writers block because these same bloggers who do it everyday are my inspiration. I hope to one day achieve the success and knowledge of these amazing blogging ladies, who I have been reading for either years, months, or just for a few days. All them and their blogs are incredible, and what inspire me to keep working towards my goal for this site. 




Tarmar has been my blogger obsession for the past year, I found her channel on youtube which lead me to her beautiful blog. Her style is a great combination of modern and classic wear, and she knows how to find great pieces for great prices.




Rumi Neely is basically the queen of blogger babes, I have been following her blog since I was 14 and she one of the main reasons I was inspired to even start blogging. Her and her blog have the muse or influence of so many designers across the world. 




Sea of shoes is another blog I have been reading since I was about 14, I clearly remember she was featured in a 17 Magazine article and I was just draw in by the name of the blog itself, but when I actually started reading it the creator, Jane caught my attention even more. Not only does she have a love for fun and exciting shoes, but she also is a big fan of anime and traveling




I actually just discovered this blog last week and I already love it. Creator, Yara Michels works for Elle and is a full time blogger which means she has my dream job pretty much. But her blog title does get straight to the point she does have a really great style, classic but fun. She pairs stilettos with boyfriend jeans and ruffed up converse with channel, shes definitely my type of gal. 


(all photos are property of listed blogs and bloggers, I am not stealing and you shouldnt either thank you!)