Hey guys its been a few weeks since I have written a new post and I am soooo sorry, I hate not have time to blog as much as I would like to. My life hasn’t been incredibly busy I have just have had a lot of strange random things happen to me all in a short amount of time. Basically life threw me bananas instead of lemons, and threw them hard. No offense to bananas, however they seem like a painful and weird fruit to have thrown at you ha. Anyway October is over, and I’m so sad but so relieved since my October was insane. Halloween was hectic, and I’m very ready to visit home for thanksgiving. My broke college student is at an all time high, and I’m getting a bit sick of salad, cereal, and ramen. However I do have some really cool projects that I hope to have completed sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas while I’m at home and away from the crazy college life. By the way, I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s new song “dope” its so intresting and beautiful, definately doing a review on her new album. Well now I’m off to do homework and enjoy a bowl of late night cereal. Peace & love! 

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