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New Outfit No Party

So I literally have no plans for new years eve this year, because its just came to quickly this year I wasn’t prepared and just dont have the energy to really plan anything or go out. But if I was going somewhere I would totally where this.


jacket- American Eagle, crop top- H&M, skirt- wet seal, shoes- Lulu Townsend, perfume- Versace Bright Crystal, nail polish- wet n wild french white and kaleidoscope, bag- vintage

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Beyonce Album Review

ImageSo even though this happened a couple weeks ago, I still can’t believe what Miss Beyonce did! She dropped an album out of freakin nowhere, and not only that included a video for each song, like who does that!? She’s pretty much amazing. Went #1 in 66 countries in less than 24 hours, and kept this album super secret and not a single song was leaked ever, that’s pretty much unheard of until now. I am a huge Beyonce fan, my little self had every destiny’s child album and  I even still have the dolls (which my mom never allowed me to take out of box) and will forever be on #queenbey . I will admit though I am a bigger fan of her than her music, like obviously I love her hit singles but I have never sat down and just listened to one of her albums all the way through. When Beyonce released her self titled visual album I was amazed and intrigued and before buying it immediately like everyone else I wanted to see what people were saying about it. Obviously this album got a lot of mixed reviews, some said it was too sexual for her as a mother, some said it didn’t really sound like her music, and every drag queen and gay man obviously loved loved loved it. For Christmas I got an itunes gift cards and decided to go head and buy it. I listened to all the songs, and watched all the videos in one sitting. At first I wasn’t super impressed, none of the songs really sounded like Beyonce hits. But then I watched the videos, and then the songs really made sense and her vision really came together. The songs on their own are alright but the songs and videos together really tell a visually beautiful story, and its amazing that she was able to tell her team her creative vision and they were able to create so wonderfully. My favorite songs on the album by themselves are ‘Partition’, and ‘drunk in love’. I don’t have to watch the videos to boogies to those songs. But my favorites song with the videos are ‘ super power’ (which her hair and makeup are super fierce in), and ‘mine’. My favorite song on the entire album is beyonce-album-new-2‘flawless’ , mainly because the message is so girls rule, it’s very much a more grown up intellectual bad ass version or girls run the world. As for Beyonce’s performance on the whole album it’s self, I do have to agree it’s way more sexual than anything else of heard from her, but I really like.  She’s a wife and mom and is full of nasty thoughts hah, like go her! And I definitely like her message of  girls should be equal, this album is very feminist and I love that too. Overall I definitely recommend purchasing, if you haven’t already its one of those albums worth having even if your not a huge Beyonce fan. It great to listen to when your just relaxing or getting ready to go out with your girls.

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New Year New Goals!

I’m very anti new year’s resolutions, it’s just frightening. Setting this one strict agenda or rule of what you or your life needs to be in exactly one year it just a little bit to much for me. However I do like setting new year’s goal. Every year I write my self a list of a few goals I hope of accomplish, and then I go back and see what I did and did not accomplish and add what I didn’t accomplish on to my list of new goals. So here’s what I got (everything that is crossed off is what I did accomplish) 

2012 List:

1. make deans list

2. maintain healthy diet and exercise 

3. stop spending so much money

4. grow out your hair

5. get drivers license and a car

6. intern during the summer

7. travel more

8. have my writing or photography published

2014 Goals

1. manage/invest money

2. find a job that I like and keep it

3. learn and grow more with my freelance photography

4. get nose pierced, you know you want it!

5. date someone ( that is fully worth your time & energy) 

6. keep my body curvy but tone it up 

7. write more often 

Blogger Spotlight: Erica Fae

ImageI understand how much time and energy and work goes into blogging and making youtube videos, because I do both and barely have either to really execute the content of my creative outlets as beautifully as I want to. So I have much respect to bloggers/youtubers who obviously put alot of energy into their blog/channel. I’m always mentioning other blogger babes on my blog, however the fact that I’ve failed to mentioned miss Erica Fae until now baffles me. I have been a fan of Erica’s youtube channel for quite a few months now, and whenever I feel like my wardrobe needs something new I usually go to her channel for consultation. This young woman has a beyond amazing fashion eye, and she styles everything she owns so beautifully. Her most recent holiday lookbook video is what made me write this blog, because I’m sitting here watching this video literally dying over every single outfit. Check out her blog, tumblr, and of course youtube channel to check out a bit more of Miss Erica Fae.


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Update & FAQ’s

Hey guys so once again I’ve taken an unnecessary break from blogging, for two reasons. The first my internet has stopped working since November and the only chance I’m ever online is when I’m at school doing work, and the second because I’m having another identity crisis like I do every couple of months. I haven’t been extremely busy with school and I’m not working, which has given me too much time to think. I’ve been thinking about moving, I’ve been thinking about changing my major, I’ve been thinking about just leaving college all together and going on spontaneous adventures. Sometimes I feel like I have my life together, and sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart. Noting special really, just the thoughts that’s normally go through a 19 year olds head. I haven’t been busy, just been dealing with alot lately. I havent been inspired or interested in blogging anything recently, but once I do I will be back on my blog constantly. Now I’m going to answer some questions I get constantly just to get them out of the way:

– How old are you?: 19.

– Where do you live/go to school: Texas, not going to specifiy cause even though Texas is a big state with big cities there are creepers out there. 

– Tattoos/piercings?: 4 ear piercings, 1 belly button piercing, and 3 tattoos 

– Favorite thing to write about?: Music and fashion. Obviously.

– How long have you been blogging?: 7 years now, I started when I was 3. And I’ve had FNL since I was 15.

– What are you going to school for?:  majoring in journalism, minoring in communications.

– Dream job?: Being a writer for like Rolling Stone or New York Times , any kind of big publication. And also writing books and doing freelance photography on the side.