Update & FAQ’s

Hey guys so once again I’ve taken an unnecessary break from blogging, for two reasons. The first my internet has stopped working since November and the only chance I’m ever online is when I’m at school doing work, and the second because I’m having another identity crisis like I do every couple of months. I haven’t been extremely busy with school and I’m not working, which has given me too much time to think. I’ve been thinking about moving, I’ve been thinking about changing my major, I’ve been thinking about just leaving college all together and going on spontaneous adventures. Sometimes I feel like I have my life together, and sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart. Noting special really, just the thoughts that’s normally go through a 19 year olds head. I haven’t been busy, just been dealing with alot lately. I havent been inspired or interested in blogging anything recently, but once I do I will be back on my blog constantly. Now I’m going to answer some questions I get constantly just to get them out of the way:

– How old are you?: 19.

– Where do you live/go to school: Texas, not going to specifiy cause even though Texas is a big state with big cities there are creepers out there. 

– Tattoos/piercings?: 4 ear piercings, 1 belly button piercing, and 3 tattoos 

– Favorite thing to write about?: Music and fashion. Obviously.

– How long have you been blogging?: 7 years now, I started when I was 3. And I’ve had FNL since I was 15.

– What are you going to school for?:  majoring in journalism, minoring in communications.

– Dream job?: Being a writer for like Rolling Stone or New York Times , any kind of big publication. And also writing books and doing freelance photography on the side.


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