New Year New Goals!

I’m very anti new year’s resolutions, it’s just frightening. Setting this one strict agenda or rule of what you or your life needs to be in exactly one year it just a little bit to much for me. However I do like setting new year’s goal. Every year I write my self a list of a few goals I hope of accomplish, and then I go back and see what I did and did not accomplish and add what I didn’t accomplish on to my list of new goals. So here’s what I got (everything that is crossed off is what I did accomplish) 

2012 List:

1. make deans list

2. maintain healthy diet and exercise 

3. stop spending so much money

4. grow out your hair

5. get drivers license and a car

6. intern during the summer

7. travel more

8. have my writing or photography published

2014 Goals

1. manage/invest money

2. find a job that I like and keep it

3. learn and grow more with my freelance photography

4. get nose pierced, you know you want it!

5. date someone ( that is fully worth your time & energy) 

6. keep my body curvy but tone it up 

7. write more often 

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