Hello there!

Hi readers, no I’m not dead haha. I have obviously been neglecting this blog for quite some time now and unlike pervious long breaks between post I don’t really have a reason. Honestly since being in college my interest in fashion has decreased. It may be because I’m too busy and too broke to really care and keep up with trends anymore. Maybe Fuzzyneonllama was just a phase. I really don’t know at the moment, but I will be real and let y’all know this blog is no longer my top priority. Yes, that’s correct THIS blog, I have been blogging just not on here. Although this blog and the audience have grown SO much over the years and I’m beyond grateful, I can’t force myself to post on here because it wouldn’t be entertaining for you or me. Sometimes I get sparks of fashion or music inspiration but very rarely anymore. I’m about to enter my junior year of college, & now is the time as a journalism major to discover what I’m really interested in writing about. There is way more in the world to talk about other than who’s wearing what when. Sorry, just the honest truth. For any of you that do want to continue to follow my blogging, you can check out my new blog http://www.fitchickstx.wordpress.com .

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