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Pink Hair. Don’t Care.

(<– Yup, I gave into it too!)

It seems like everybody and their mothers is dying their hair. Dip dye hair has been very “in” lately. It’s one of those trends that I know is going to come and go, but as it is here its getting alot of attention from Hollywood and from little ole blogger like me. I love how looking like a punk my little pony is  totally acceptable now, I really do. Most people wouldn’t want their hair to look anything but natural, but heck you only live once and this trend is as semi-permanent as the dye. Celebration like Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, and of course Lady Gaga have gave in to this dip dye craze, and recently so have I. I absolutely love it, I feel like I need a safety pink vest and matching pink over sized cardigan to complete my vibrant girly but punk hair.

How to dip dye:

1. take a bleaching kit and bleach the ends of your hair, this usually takes 30 minutes to and hour depending on how dark your hair is

2. after bleaching your hair let it air dry (heat absolutely can not be applied to freshly bleach hair) until its damp so the color can stick

Now there are a couple ways you can dip dye but the way I did it was with food coloring:

1. mix the food coloring of your desired “dip dye color” with white deep conditioner until your color is exactly how you want it

2. seperate you hair so you can apply a thick layer of the color to your hair

3. let it sit for 1 to 2 hours (depending on how long you want the color to remain in your hair)

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Since my summer is coming to an end in less then 3 day I thought I would do one last summer fashion post. Thanks for all the great feedback on my “boy your summer fine” series. I had alot of fun doing that instead of regular girl fashion like I usually do. But fashionable ladies are what inspire fashionable men & I just couldnt end the summer without doing a summer fashion post. Enjoy!

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My style.

I get lots of comments about the fashion post I do, and where I get my sense of style from and what are my favorite things to where and I never have one solid answer because my personal style is always evolving. This year I’ve been very into the 70’s vintage look, big clothes, small glasss, little to no makeup, messy hair. I’m very lazy in general so I love this look. Heres a little taste, enjoy!

RIP Ms. Winehouse

I seriously thought it was a joke when I was informed via text message from a friend that Amy Whinehouse had passed away Sunday July 24th, 2011  Her sound was unclassifable in the music industry and I will miss her music dearly. I distinctly remember when I was 13 years  old living in Long Beach and saw heard Amy Whinehouse’s hit song, Rehab on tv. Then I ran into the living room and was surprised to see such a small woman with a big voice and big hair and crazy cool eyeliner. I feel in love with the song and couldn’t stop singing around the house having no idea of its context.   Since I heard about the sad news I now haven’t been able to stop singing Back to Black, one of my favorite songs by her out of many that will live in her fans heart forever. You will be dearly missed Ms. Whinehouse.



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Stars & Stripes, oh my!


Other then Halloween it seems like July 4th, is the only day where its apporiate to dress a little less and a little more daring then usual. Who knew the birthday of a nation would soon bring a the creation the Jeffery Campbells famous stars & stripes lita platform wedges, the an american flag bikini, and of course we cant forget the stary shorts & shirts. I actually love July 4th for this exact reason though. It how we girls in our own special way celebrate and show how much we love the US of A. And judging from how this stars and stripes tell is still even very popular not on independe day, I’m guessing the American people dont mind.

Heres one of the first new videos on the offical youtube page and my special independence day outfit enjoy!

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lifes too short to wear boring clothes.

(this isnt me by the way but I love her videos)

beauty crush, literally.

Samantha Maria of London town is more then that, but she fits the electic style and pretty face of London girl so well. She’s a part time student and stylist, but most on the interweb know her from her youtube channel Anything on youtube with something british in it I’m pretty much obsessed with (ehem The Midnight Beast included), but she was one of the first beauty youtubers I started liking, and she’s the one who got me more intrested in it. Sam is s strong advocate of uniqueness, and every size and every face is beautiful. From her helpful advice videos to her lookbook videos or her tutorials, you feel like she’s that perfect peice you’ve need in your closet for ages. I’ve never met or communited with beautycrush but she’s super nice and makes a good connection with her audience as she’s filming, which is something hard for most beauty gurus on youtube to do. Did I mention shes gorgeous!


and I really like her blog too, very snazzy.

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