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For those who aren’t on Instagram, twitter, or snap chat way too much like I am I’m sure your unlikely to know what MOTD stands for. Makeup of the day! Today before work i decided to pop on a dark lip during the spring cause why not!? But mostly wanted to post this because I wanted to show your guys, it is possible to do a fabulous makeup look super quick & on a budget. Nothing I used is over $10 and it literally look me 15 min to do this (including my hair!) . Here are the specifics of what’s on my face:
Foundation- Revlon color stay foundation in toast ($10)
Blush – Fergie wet n wild in rose goddess ($4)
Highlight- ruby kisses hd set n forget powder in banana ($5)
Eyebrows- elf eyebrow kit in medium
Mascara: Maybelline full n soft in black ($5)
Setting powder: NYC translucent powder ($2)


Nude + Neon= An Unexpected Spring Trend

While everybody and their mother has been following the color blocking trend for the past year, I have not. Not because I don’t like it, I actually love it but because I have been much more obsessed with color blocking in a different way, and that would be with nudes and neons, or on certain occasions nudes and pastels. I have been obsessed with this trend lately because I love the contrast and how it’s not what you would expect to really see for spring trends, and am praying its not one of those trends that comes & goes quickly, because I am obsesseeed!

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lifes too short to wear boring clothes.

(this isnt me by the way but I love her videos)

Birthday Blog

My birthday was actually on the 17th, ahaha turning 17 on the 17th still makes me chuckle, however I had a really great birthday. I celebrated from Thrusday to Saturday. Thursday was bruch with a few friends, and it was crazier then I expected. Lets just say 4 of my friends ended up half naked, and I’ll stop there lol. Then Friday, my best friend and I did some much needed retail therapy. Even though its called “birthday money
 and its meant to be spent without feeling guilty I only went to 3 stores, didnt buy that much and still felt really bad about it ha. I went to sephora and got some really cool stuff, finally got benefit earse paste and creaseless cream shawdow, which I’m very excited about. Then I went to Target and splurged a bit, but my favorite thing I got for my birthday was the star shorts I bought (pic above ) from Shasa, my favorite shorts ever now! And my favorite gift was that I got the Marvel 70th anniversary collection filled with like 70 of the best comics,so thats makes me happy. Ok moving on Satuday I went to the beach with my best friend, and my attempt to give her a sucessful tan gave her a successful sunburn that I feel so bad about, so sorry best friend! Now I know tanning oil is evil. Ha okay well that was my birthday. Sixteen was a great year, now we’ll see what age 17 had in store for me.

(oh yeah & I got the Miniatre Tigers- Tell it to the volcano album, its awesome as always)

I want…


I was recently on (which I’m now obessed with, my username is anaedouard) and I found this, I will swap whatever for it, its gorgeous!

Summer Besties TAG

 I don’t do beauty videos on youtube anymore but I miss doing reviews and tags which I usually do on here now so here ones enjoy!

Summer Besties TAG:
Favorite summer….
1) Lip product- Love & Beauty lip gloss in salmon

  • smells really really good, & I can buy tons of them cause their only a 1.50
    2) Blush- Love & Beauty leopard bronzer blush
  • An exact dupe for Too Faced leopard bronzer blush, except this one is more sheer which I actually really like.
    3) Nail Polish- Love & Beauty scented nail polish in cucumber melon
  • It seriously is scented & its smelled cantalope! The light green color is gorgeous, it chips alot but it smells so good I just repaint it most of the time
    4) Liquid face product- Nuetrogena helioplex defensive face sunscreen spf 100
  • Been using this since last summer, I love it because I’m really into protecting my skin & I’m outside alot during the summer

5) Powder face product- Stila powder foundation

  • I actually ran out before the summer started but buying some more soon, has spf 20 it and matte.
    6) Hair product- Fantasia ic heat protector + straightening serum
  • I don’t even use a flat iron with this product most of the time & it straightens my bed head pretty well, & the sun doesnt burn hair as bad with the added heat protectant.
    7) Eye product- Maybelline Falsies Mascar waterproof
  • I don’t like waterproof mascars, or false lash effect mascaras but this one is so natural looking and the waterproofness doesn’t smell bad or harden my lashes

8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item)- none
9) Fashion accessory- fedora

  • I have lived in my fedora like every other day during the summer, its cute and its a shade :]
    10) Clothing piece – off the shoulder shirts
  • spaghetti strap shirts are too reaveling to me personally but off the shoulder shirts are so pretty one and still have breathing room when its hot.

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beauty crush, literally.

Samantha Maria of London town is more then that, but she fits the electic style and pretty face of London girl so well. She’s a part time student and stylist, but most on the interweb know her from her youtube channel Anything on youtube with something british in it I’m pretty much obsessed with (ehem The Midnight Beast included), but she was one of the first beauty youtubers I started liking, and she’s the one who got me more intrested in it. Sam is s strong advocate of uniqueness, and every size and every face is beautiful. From her helpful advice videos to her lookbook videos or her tutorials, you feel like she’s that perfect peice you’ve need in your closet for ages. I’ve never met or communited with beautycrush but she’s super nice and makes a good connection with her audience as she’s filming, which is something hard for most beauty gurus on youtube to do. Did I mention shes gorgeous!


and I really like her blog too, very snazzy.

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Review: Stila Illiminating Powder Foundation

I don’t really do reveiw on this site, I use to do them on my FNL youtube channel ( which is now deleted, long story. ) so I thought I would try and see how it works here, lets go!

I bought Stila’s illimunating powder foundation during the end of December on . Now this was my first order ever from them, and I love it! All high end makeup for really great prices, and I ended up saving so much, Sephora charged $22.00 for the actual foundation, and $14.00 for the compact. As for ACW charged $10.00 for the foundation amd $8.00 for compact. The fact that I got it for such a good deal was incredible, and made me like this foundation even more. But honestly the foundation is very worth the $34.00 it original cost.

The main reason I bought this was because I knew I just needed to invest in a high end matte foundation, and I’m in the shade 80 watts. For a long time I used liquid foundations, and switched to powder. This foundation is amazing for all skin types probably, but esepcially mine. Which is combinations normal to oily super sensitive skin. Most of the reveiws I read said it was long lasting, very matte, medium coverage, and super blendable. Litterally I agree with ALL of thsese things. Its really hard for me to find a foundation that lives up to its hype but if reallly does.

Overall I would live Stila Illiminating Powder Foudation a 4 out of 5. Mostly because I don’t like no matter where you buy it Stila requires them to sell the compact and the foundation seperately which is completely pointless.  Other then that I don’t plan on trying another powder foundation for awhile, its stays on all day has great coverage and one of the few face products I;ve used that doesn’t break out my skin. Plus it has SPF 20 :]

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