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Met Gala 2014 Favorites

I have been slacking on this blog lately because I’ve have been so uninspired …until yesterday. The met gala is one of my favorite “fashion events” because it’s the only time I personally feel designers and celebrities show case the good stuff. The best pieces are saved for this event, & when it all comes together it turns into a true high fashion experience. Here are some of my faves. And maybe because I’m biased and I love Beyoncé, but she killed it. Her look this year worked so much better than last year, & Jay Z’s tux complemented her look very well.




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Boy Your Summer Fine

So I did this style series 2 summers ago and I so many people who loved it, so of course its become a thing on FNL, and the tradition continues. I have this obsession with mens fashions, I much rather style men then women anyday and thats where this whole idea came from. I just go on the interweb and pull my favorite pictures of super fashionable & STRAIGHT men. I’ve had a couple guys comment telling me how this has helped them become more creative with their style. Enjoy boys….and girls!


Since my summer is coming to an end in less then 3 day I thought I would do one last summer fashion post. Thanks for all the great feedback on my “boy your summer fine” series. I had alot of fun doing that instead of regular girl fashion like I usually do. But fashionable ladies are what inspire fashionable men & I just couldnt end the summer without doing a summer fashion post. Enjoy!

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the backless sweater.

I love Whitney Ports entire look here, as she’s running errand in LA. She’s one of those people who was designed for Hollister and Abcrombie type typical conformist clothes, but she really has a style of her own. So many people have been on and off the “boho chic” trend but she looks like she lives in a van parked at Woodstock in 1964, and thats not a bad thing! I don’t know where each of her peices are from, but sunglasses kind of look like they are from nicole richies clothing line The Row. And I believe the sweater is a Whitney Eve design. Something I definately want to get my hand on for the summer.

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Guess what!? I’m baaaack, I was gone for awhile and said I wasn’t going to do any post for a few months but “nah nah nah homies be trippin fool” I have no idea what that means, but in simpler terms I’m going to be consistently blogging again. I miss you guys, I miss writing everyday, I miss sharing things I’m passionate about on my site that is like my baby. Some really super absoultely amazing things are happening. I’m going to HOUSTON FASHION WEEK. My first fashion show, Houstons first fashion week, first row, I’m full of first exciting things. I’m going to see 5 shows in one night, and I’m really excited for the Chole Doa show season 2 project runway winner. I will absolutely be covering it with lots of pictures and videos posted on here and youtube as soon as possible. And if I’m in any press I’d let you know that would be exciting huh!? Bummed I’m not going to the Christian Sirano show, but I love my mom so much for getting us VIP passes so I’m going to backstage hopefully running into the fabulous Christian. But how does one dress for a fashion week hmmm? I have so many ideas running through my cabeza, this is the one place where looking effortless is bad thing. The outfits that I love that I have no where else to wear them, I wear them here. So freggin excited ohmaggod! (This is one of the options that I have, with some knee high patent leather Steve Madden boots I die for)

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should I go “ginger”!?

Everysince I was little I’ve been awestruck by redheads, yeah yeah I know lots of people don’t like my friend thatgirlalexis like to call them “gingers”, I even know some red heads who don’t like being red heads. I’m not a big fan of the color red, there is like nothing red in my closet except for a pair of heels (everygirl has to have a pair of red heels its a must!). Buuut I forever wanted to be a redhead because its just the most beautiful hair color too me! Should I dye, my hair red, and if so which shade because if I’m going red I’m going all out. I’m the type of person who loves my hair color, and I got lots of compliments and questions about my natural haircolor of many diffrent shades of brown and I always say I’m never gonna dye it (though I bleached a bit of it last year). Yet I think its time to be a bit daring :] leave a comment and give me some advice


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