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Pink Hair. Don’t Care.

(<– Yup, I gave into it too!)

It seems like everybody and their mothers is dying their hair. Dip dye hair has been very “in” lately. It’s one of those trends that I know is going to come and go, but as it is here its getting alot of attention from Hollywood and from little ole blogger like me. I love how looking like a punk my little pony is  totally acceptable now, I really do. Most people wouldn’t want their hair to look anything but natural, but heck you only live once and this trend is as semi-permanent as the dye. Celebration like Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, and of course Lady Gaga have gave in to this dip dye craze, and recently so have I. I absolutely love it, I feel like I need a safety pink vest and matching pink over sized cardigan to complete my vibrant girly but punk hair.

How to dip dye:

1. take a bleaching kit and bleach the ends of your hair, this usually takes 30 minutes to and hour depending on how dark your hair is

2. after bleaching your hair let it air dry (heat absolutely can not be applied to freshly bleach hair) until its damp so the color can stick

Now there are a couple ways you can dip dye but the way I did it was with food coloring:

1. mix the food coloring of your desired “dip dye color” with white deep conditioner until your color is exactly how you want it

2. seperate you hair so you can apply a thick layer of the color to your hair

3. let it sit for 1 to 2 hours (depending on how long you want the color to remain in your hair)

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Review: Stila Illiminating Powder Foundation

I don’t really do reveiw on this site, I use to do them on my FNL youtube channel ( which is now deleted, long story. ) so I thought I would try and see how it works here, lets go!

I bought Stila’s illimunating powder foundation during the end of December on . Now this was my first order ever from them, and I love it! All high end makeup for really great prices, and I ended up saving so much, Sephora charged $22.00 for the actual foundation, and $14.00 for the compact. As for ACW charged $10.00 for the foundation amd $8.00 for compact. The fact that I got it for such a good deal was incredible, and made me like this foundation even more. But honestly the foundation is very worth the $34.00 it original cost.

The main reason I bought this was because I knew I just needed to invest in a high end matte foundation, and I’m in the shade 80 watts. For a long time I used liquid foundations, and switched to powder. This foundation is amazing for all skin types probably, but esepcially mine. Which is combinations normal to oily super sensitive skin. Most of the reveiws I read said it was long lasting, very matte, medium coverage, and super blendable. Litterally I agree with ALL of thsese things. Its really hard for me to find a foundation that lives up to its hype but if reallly does.

Overall I would live Stila Illiminating Powder Foudation a 4 out of 5. Mostly because I don’t like no matter where you buy it Stila requires them to sell the compact and the foundation seperately which is completely pointless.  Other then that I don’t plan on trying another powder foundation for awhile, its stays on all day has great coverage and one of the few face products I;ve used that doesn’t break out my skin. Plus it has SPF 20 :]

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thoughts & theories part 2 (portfolio peice 3)

Everyone knows the saying Carpe Diem, well not everyone. If you don’t it means “seize the day” in Latin, basically. Simply live each day like your last. It’s a very broad statement, confusing to some, inspiring to others. I cleary remember when I discovered such a saying. My 9th grade history teach Mr. Weber said it & ever since I’ve became obsessed. He also said “let it be” alot of had William Shoe-ster looks so anything he said I was kind of obsessed with but the point is I’ve lived by that single everyday since. To me it basically means, lifes to short for regrets dammit! End of story, no questions asked. Life if you think about it is really short, high school goes by fast, and life goes by faster. By the time we realize we haven’t done the things in life we really wanted to do its too late. Look at each day of your life, and if there’s any day that you truly regret you’re not livin Carpe Diem style. Even the worst moments I don’t regret, the best times I always remember, and the people who make my life difficult I forgot them and move on to the people I love. I’m a really positive person because of this carpe diem attitude I’ve adopted. I’m not saying live life and don’t look at the consequences, but look at them. If I can’t find a reason why not to do something I’m gonna do it ha! Carpe Diem, seize the damn day :] That’s all I’m saying really.

P.S. I absolutely plan on getting carpe Diem tattooed on my wrist or back when I’m 18

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Okay so my friend is probably gonna literally kill me, for putting this up like I just punched her in the boob and she wants to murder me now lol. Buut here is her blog, and she sent me a link of her singing  I thought it sounded amazing she doesnt believe me though! Leave a comment, telling me what you think and I’ll get the word back to her. I definately dont have any of the guts to even put my recordings of me singing on my computer ha so I’m quite proud of my friend cause she’s such an introver (if you don’t know what it means look it up! hint, I’m  extrovert). here is it give a listen to tell me what you think

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I’m still here with the right girl

Listening to I’m Still here by Cady Groves, love her, love singing her songs, would love to see her at the Junction on Saturday (for those who live in Houston, Texas she’ll be at the Junction August 7th go check her out). I’m gonna try to get tickets and surprise my friend with them, because last time we saw her we didnt really like her, now were obsessed. Anyways do me a huge favor and go to amd tell her that you love her, and not to think your creepy for saying that just that I want her to know that she is loved and cared for by strangers and friends no matter what she’s going through, kay thanks :D! Moving on, I will NOT be going to the listening party for Versecity tommrow at Jet Lounge, poo I know right! It would have been a great oppurtunity for me, and, and even my good band friends Versecity. Check them out still though. Hopefully I will be going to The Maine show August 17th at Warehouse Live, no I WILL go. Been listening to there new album I love it, I have all The Maine albums I’ve been a fan of theres since the beginning and I’ve only seen them once which is unexceptable so I must see them again and say hello to John :]. This post is basically just ranting about my musical news, and my friends, and whatnot :] Haha well I’m now I’m ending this post by listening The Maine– Right Girl, also super amazing song. Love you guys, my readers who have stuck with my madness this whole time you guys are awesome!

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My style is very modern hippie, it like it cause it’s weird I never see people at school dress like me. You’ll find me in a pink ployd teeshirt and a cute skirt at school and I look darn good in it too :]. Here’s some of my faveorite looks, looks I really wanna try this year that I havent tried before but still with my modern hippie edge.


Things I’m loving

Simple as that 😀

#1. looking back on my freshman year & being really excited about my junior

#2. Kick Ass comes out of dvd August 3rd, I will run out and buy a copy first thing I can thats how excited I am!

#3.This random tatoo :] I use to love reading the giving tree when I was little & this was the cutest thing to me so I had to post it

I am the only one…

Machester Orchestra- the only one, told ya my post will now only be whatever i’m listening to at the moment, Hello internet :] havent done a fashion post in a looong time because it bores me at times. I love vintage clothes though, thirft stores are the best!  I’ve been in california at my grandparents house in orange county for a few weeks, and I couldnt leave without doing playing dress up in my nana’s clothest. Most of these clothes she doesnt even wear anymore but I love them, and some are my great grandmothers who had amazing style. No matter how old you get playing dress up is always fun.


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You guys know how much I love to share my favorite  photography every now & then so here ya go enjoy!

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