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Met Gala 2014 Favorites

I have been slacking on this blog lately because I’ve have been so uninspired …until yesterday. The met gala is one of my favorite “fashion events” because it’s the only time I personally feel designers and celebrities show case the good stuff. The best pieces are saved for this event, & when it all comes together it turns into a true high fashion experience. Here are some of my faves. And maybe because I’m biased and I love Beyoncé, but she killed it. Her look this year worked so much better than last year, & Jay Z’s tux complemented her look very well.




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Yay or No Way?: Sneaker Wedges

I remember first hearing about this trend last summer and thought nothing of it because I thought it was a trend that was going to leave as quickly as it arrived, however these sporty take on wedges are still here. I have given in and will have to say I’m really do like them. But are they too sporty to work in a young woman’s everyday wardrobe??? Comment down below if you think yay or no way?

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