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Blogger Spotlight: Erica Fae

ImageI understand how much time and energy and work goes into blogging and making youtube videos, because I do both and barely have either to really execute the content of my creative outlets as beautifully as I want to. So I have much respect to bloggers/youtubers who obviously put alot of energy into their blog/channel. I’m always mentioning other blogger babes on my blog, however the fact that I’ve failed to mentioned miss Erica Fae until now baffles me. I have been a fan of Erica’s youtube channel for quite a few months now, and whenever I feel like my wardrobe needs something new I usually go to her channel for consultation. This young woman has a beyond amazing fashion eye, and she styles everything she owns so beautifully. Her most recent holiday lookbook video is what made me write this blog, because I’m sitting here watching this video literally dying over every single outfit. Check out her blog, tumblr, and of course youtube channel to check out a bit more of Miss Erica Fae.



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last october

It’s quite crazy to me that last October my life was no where near where it is now. Things were crazy and confusing and when things seemed good they went bad really fast. As I look back I laugh at the things I went through, but remember how I felt when it was happening. Last October I got my first serious boyfriend. Last October I realized he was dangerous to my emotional health. Last October I felt myself freightend that I was falling for him. I know what your thinking “whoa that’s really personal! why is she sharing?”. Well because I learned alot from it, and that wasn’t all. Last October if he didn’t love me no one elses love mattered. Last October I felt really lost. Last October I for some reason wore god awful Ugg boots. Last October I got in an accident the day before halloween. Last October my world was shaken and my car was crushed. Last October I went to the halloween party with high expectations, and left with not even my hope and faith along side of me. Last October I thought it was all over.Last October I thought that was then end of my pain, my life being mayhem, and the drama. This October I relive those memories and wish it that was the last time I let life and loved him. Like I said last October was when I kind of realized lifes not all that fair, but learn from it and grow as much as you can. I’ve grown alot since last October.

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