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Fall Trends I’m Falling For

I havent done a fashion post in a while because nothing has really inspired me to do one. I’m not going to post okay pictures of girls who dress okay in okay clothing. However lately, as in fall 2012 the trends have been ON POINT. They are so fresh and so grungy but elegant and not crazy stupid will last very shortly trends, but trends we have seen before that have just got an upgrade. I’m obssessed with about 90% of what’s happening this fall.

1. Camoflauge/Military- I love this trend, this print somehow doesn’t scream “I watch Duck Dynasty” when you wear it right and instead screams “bad ass girl” to , and hey dont we all want to feel like that.

2. Oxblood/Wine Color- this isnt really a trend but to me I think everyone rediscovers how amazing and flattering this color is during the fall, its a really substitute for just black or dark blue, especially with pants!

3. Leather/Pleather Pleated Circle Skirts- I really hope this trend doesnt die cause its lovely and very simple but classy. Girly girls to tomboys can incorporate into any outfit. I hate skirts with a passion and even I bought one.

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& another love of mine

now also on the list of shoes I must get before I die :] (credit:seaofshoes.typepad.com)

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