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Hellooo everyone. I have an interveiw for you guys, haha I love them as much as you do, and I have become obsessed with this bands music. If you know me, you know I appreciate good lyrics more then anything. If the lyrics are powerful (not just catchy) and really tell a great story, I’m in love. That is why I love the up and coming band Fighter (or on itunes you may find them under Fighter Island, not sure why). When I just added them on myspace & was told I quote “you rock my face off!” I knew I had to interview these guys. From Austin, Texas (one of my fave cities about 3 hours away from me) these acoustic pop peeps caught my attention with their with their free high 5 sign on the page ha. Aaaaand their catchy relatable I can listen to this all day and totally sing along music:

One of my favorite songs is “Love” and one of your lyrics says” the words I say may contradict” the way I act, those are really relatble lyrics to me & alot of my readers I’ve always wondered how do artist say exactly what we’ve been trying to but don’t know  how does that come to you?

I wish I could tell you! When I wrote that song, I had just decided not to write songs for a while, and focus on improving old ones, and doing more of the “business” side of being a full time musician. Then one day, a few of the lines came into my head, and I sat down and wrote all of my thoughts out, and before I knew it, the whole song had been written. In planning not to write anything, I wrote one of the songs I’m most proud of, Love.

Are your songs Southerly Willingly Loverly and Texas connected? Ha just wondering?

Yes! Both of those songs are VERY VERY old, and were the first two Fighter songs written. back then, Fighter was a side project, and those songs came out of what didn’t fit with the other band. I wrote them both at the same time, and there are allusions to each other in each of the songs. Texas is about the joy of coming home after you’ve been away, and SWL is about the person that makes coming back home so amazing.

You guys are from Austin,Texas live music capital of the world (I’m in Houston but I love Austin!) did you start at South by Southwest like most bandsdo or are you fans at all?

I actually grew up in Giddings, Texas, a very small town about an hour south of Austin. I started playing shows and Fighter before I moved to Austin for college. So by the time I got here, SXSW was a goal, not a starting point. Last year, I played SXSW and it was great!

Being from the live music capital of the world how do you guys prepare to live performances?

We just make sure we are FULLY prepared and ready to go. We make sure our live show is not only an accurate representation of our music/band, but is also as entertaining as it can be, as well as different from the rest. Treating your band members well and those you work with is EXTREMELY important. We make extra effort to be on time and come prepared. The stereotype of late, grungy, unprepared musician is ridiculous. A musician who is serious about doing it for a living will not be late, unprepared, or disrespectful.

On itunes I notice there was a name change with the band, how did that end up happening?

It didn’t! Haha.We’ve been Fighter since the beginning. The name means the WORLD to me, and it will stay that way!We did recently add new members though!Jeff Shaw and Brandon DuBois, they’re THE BOMB.I couldn’t ask for better bandmatesCheck out Fighter’s new album, Island, to hear them!

Who are some of your favorite artist right now, that you really respect as artist?

Copeland, Mutemath, Paper Rival, The Beach Boys, and The Eagles!Those were the biggest influences in recording the new album. See if you can hear it!

I know at shows in Austin fans get somewhat crazy, any crazy/awkward fan moments for you guys?

Never anything TOOOOOO crazy. BUT, I always say “you rock my socks off, so you owe me a pair of socks” and we’ve had a few people bring me socks at the shows! I’m beginning to have a pretty nice collection.

Where do you want to see Fighter Island in 3 years as musicians?

I’d like to see us continue to move forward into different styles and explore more areas. We changed ALOT on this last album and it was extremely challenging and refreshing. It’s the album I’m most proud of. Definitely my favorite.

I should sing on one of you songs haha nah, but who would be your dream person
to feature in a song with?

Matt Theissen from Relient K has been a hero of mine since I can remember. I can remember listening to his music constantly evolving and being infinitely amazed at his writing and the way he blended so many musical styles into one sound. Without Matt Theissen, I would have probably never started writing.

What are 3 words that describe your music?

Dynamic . Compelling. Regenerating

How did Fighter Island come to be?

I had been talking to Brandon and Jeff for a long time about doing a concept album together. I had a few ideas, but nothing concrete. We decided to all shack up in a cabin in Bryan, Tx with all our studio equipment for a week and write and record the album then. The week went by so fast and smoothly, and everything fit together so perfectly, I was and still am amazed. The sound evolved into nothing like I’ve ever heard or wrote before, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Everything on the album has to do with the ocean, or an island, but there are several topics addressed on it, through the metaphor of an island. Thus, we named it ‘Island’

What is one thing you do not want to leave at a show, other then your instruments?

When we perform, we put it ALL out there, and make sure to put on the best show for whoever is there, whether it’s 1 or 1000. I would hate to leave knowing I hadn’t given my all in the performance. So I PROMISE to every time!

Okay this was a random question that I ask every band I interveiw, its a “FNL” tradition…Do ya’ll like chocolate milk???

I LOVE chocolate milk.

Pleasepleaseplease check them out because I think they’re really good, & Jesse your a way cool guy thanks for the interview!


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