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B&W Photoshoot.

Someone of you may or may not know I’m studying journalism and photography at my university. It starting become warm outside again and I’m taking full of advantage of it. As a photography student I’m constantly taking the time when I can to build my portfolio. My friend modeled for me as I practiced my skills with shooting in black in white, and using shadows. 







(all these photos are my property use of these on any other website is not allowed without my permissions  if you don’t ask for permission legal action could be taken. Thank u. )

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I finally got my dream camera, a canon rebel xs. That means there are going to be alot more post with high quality pics, as well as alot more of me learning how to become a better photographer.I am so in love ❤


all I want to christmas…

oh sweet baby Jesus I so badly want this for Christmas, got to play with a bit during fashion week but holy guacamole this an amazing camera, just get me this & drivers ed & I will be the happiest girl alive Santa ha!



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just a few of my favorite pictures I took at the Nevershoutnever & The Maine show I went to a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

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Scary Beautiful

It’s seriously things like these that constantly inspire me. I’ve always been that weird kid who thought blood was beautiful in a way and barbies looked better when I gave them a pixie hair cut. This picture says so much, not just because its moving but because of her expressions and her attire. Haha its very cool. Photography is something I absolutely loooove, this my friends is good photography. I have to give credit to one of my favorite bloggers http://www.seaofshoes.typepad.com  she genius. Things like this make me wanna go get my camera right now and start shooting everything. Photography to me is about finding beauty in things that no one else really can until its photographed. That’s why I like this, even though it looks quite scary its beautiful.



Haha I’m calling this post troppers because it’s really difficult to be a really good blogger, I finally feel comfortable about my blog not because of all you amazing guys who read it everyday, but because its something I love doing & its not just work for me anymore. I met so many new people, and talked to many great bands, and I have done so many thing I never thought I would do, and most of the time its for the blog! These bloggers and their blogs are my faveorite because they work hard and our dedicated to it, and some are small some are bigger some are pointless some have a purpose but their all troppers :] (the last two are friends of mine & I’m really proud of my friend Alexis for be commited to hers & working hard on it go girl!)

http://www.theblondesalad.com/ ♥

http://joshmadden.com/ ♥

http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/ ♥

http://fadetoblackny.blogspot.com/ ♥

http://www.alexramon.com/ ♥

http://nickymarie7.blogspot.com/ ♥

http://thatgirlalexis.wordpress.com/ ♥

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You guys know how much I love to share my favorite  photography every now & then so here ya go enjoy!

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So I haven’t done a photography story in awhile its odd. Anyways as I am still having trouble finding my perfect camera (that’s him with the camera fae above), I am jealous of my friend Ryan Garner though who is using his like crazy. Even though he’s 15 he’s a seasoned photographer and just watching this kid go is amazing. He’ll take and exit sign and turn it into a work of art that should be hanging in a gallery in New York. I’m very proud of Ryan so that’s why I’m featuring him as my photographer of the month, he recently did some shots for my sweet 16 which I still haven’t got yet ehem! I didn’t ask him if I can write this post about him or publish his pictures haha but its okay he’ll still love me! Tell me what you guys think of his picture or if you have any question just ask. Here’s just a few of his amazing photos from my best fran Ryan:)