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Beyonce Album Review

ImageSo even though this happened a couple weeks ago, I still can’t believe what Miss Beyonce did! She dropped an album out of freakin nowhere, and not only that included a video for each song, like who does that!? She’s pretty much amazing. Went #1 in 66 countries in less than 24 hours, and kept this album super secret and not a single song was leaked ever, that’s pretty much unheard of until now. I am a huge Beyonce fan, my little self had every destiny’s child album and  I even still have the dolls (which my mom never allowed me to take out of box) and will forever be on #queenbey . I will admit though I am a bigger fan of her than her music, like obviously I love her hit singles but I have never sat down and just listened to one of her albums all the way through. When Beyonce released her self titled visual album I was amazed and intrigued and before buying it immediately like everyone else I wanted to see what people were saying about it. Obviously this album got a lot of mixed reviews, some said it was too sexual for her as a mother, some said it didn’t really sound like her music, and every drag queen and gay man obviously loved loved loved it. For Christmas I got an itunes gift cards and decided to go head and buy it. I listened to all the songs, and watched all the videos in one sitting. At first I wasn’t super impressed, none of the songs really sounded like Beyonce hits. But then I watched the videos, and then the songs really made sense and her vision really came together. The songs on their own are alright but the songs and videos together really tell a visually beautiful story, and its amazing that she was able to tell her team her creative vision and they were able to create so wonderfully. My favorite songs on the album by themselves are ‘Partition’, and ‘drunk in love’. I don’t have to watch the videos to boogies to those songs. But my favorites song with the videos are ‘ super power’ (which her hair and makeup are super fierce in), and ‘mine’. My favorite song on the entire album is beyonce-album-new-2‘flawless’ , mainly because the message is so girls rule, it’s very much a more grown up intellectual bad ass version or girls run the world. As for Beyonce’s performance on the whole album it’s self, I do have to agree it’s way more sexual than anything else of heard from her, but I really like.  She’s a wife and mom and is full of nasty thoughts hah, like go her! And I definitely like her message of  girls should be equal, this album is very feminist and I love that too. Overall I definitely recommend purchasing, if you haven’t already its one of those albums worth having even if your not a huge Beyonce fan. It great to listen to when your just relaxing or getting ready to go out with your girls.

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Album Review: WOLF x Tyler The Creator


Hey you guys so I am suppose to be finishing my study guide for my geology final I have in about 9 hours, however in the midst of my all nighter I’m bound to get distracted and procrastinate. Like almost every other student I listen to music when I study, and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been listening to the new Tyler The Creator Album titled WOLF. A few months back I did a whole post on my discovery and obsession with Odd Future, so I was pumped we I heard a new album for Tyler was coming out. The first song he released was Domo, and teaser of Bimmer. With those along I was even more pumped for the album. Not only because my favorite singer Frank Ocean was featured on the album, but also The beats were new and creative, and the lyrics were as always relatable in a “confused emotional weird crazy teenager” sort of way, which I always am. More than anything I apperciate the beats Tyler makes, they are literally like nothing I have ever heard, I can’t imagine how much work went into making them. =As for lyrics I feel like alot of different people could relate to his lyrics if they really listen. Overall I really enjoy the album, its different but not too different its very Tyler and he talks about the things he always does, girls, his dad, growing up, his view on the world, hanging out with friends. He stays true to himself and Odd Future on this album, but listeners can tell he’s growing as an artist, and that this album is for his fans. If you’re a fan of chill head bobbing music, with sick beats I would definitely suggest it. And if you have never listened to Odd Future before listen to the other albums first, and then you’ll really understand this one. My favorite songs on this album are “cowboy” , “48” , “Bimmer”, & “IFHY” .


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Batman movie review

There can not will not and should not be another batman movie. This one was the perfect ending to such an iconic hero. I will try not to give away too much however I am blogging this fresh out of the movies and I’m sorry if this post is too long as my mind I filled with metal notes that I want to discuss in this entire post. First off I did not want to go see the batman out of respect for the victims of the colorado movie shootings. However it was almost as of the makers of the movie knew that such an incident would happen because the overall lesson of the new batman is that anyone can be a hero and anyone can be an enemy but it’s the little hero’s that become the most praised and feared by the biggest enemies. The enemy in this batman was of course bane now I have never read the batman books or comics buy fr what I heard the character that was cast as him was pretty spot on, and I must say this bane was quite scarier then the joker or any other evil villian. Not sure why but just any time he entered a scene or spoke through that saw like contraption on his face I got chills, he knew real pain and that frightened me. The saying “hurt people, hurt people” definitely applyed to him. And next is cat woman who i thought was evil but she’s not quite evil she just has a different incentive then everyone else. I was not pleased when I heard Anne Hathaway was going to play one of the most loved crazy women because I didn’t feel like she could pull it off but she absolutely did above and beyond what I expected. Then there’s Joseph gordon Levites character as a cop I don’t remember his name but it was refreshing to see one of my favorite actors be transformed from a usually hopeless romantic humble character to a wont take no for an answer kick butt action hero cop who I was also very happy to here he was revealed as (spoiler alert!)…bat parter robin in the end. I don’t have much to say about batman Other then christian bale always plays him so well and everyone knows that. Now on to the ploy, don’t worry I wont give it away but I will say as much as I enjoyed this movie it scared me because it showed what man kind was really capable of, even though it was fiction everything that happened is completely possible. All respect to Heath ledger and his portrayal as the joker buy bane and his army and his incentives frightened me a whole lot more. Another thing I really enjoyed was batty’s new toys, people always complain how the batman doesn’t have any powers he just a billionaire with cool stuff which is true but his cool stuff is what makes him incredibly cool his bat bike and his bat plane were amazing and just when you think they wouldn’t do anymore they did. Well I think all my thoughts are done, hopefully.

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The Amazing Spiderman Review

I just got home from seeing The Amazing Spiderman. I was skeptical to see it, I actually didn’t want to see it at all because I am a huge fan of the original Spiderman movie’s that were out when I was about 10 years old. Introducing a completely new Spiderman with a completely new story just seemed all too soon to me, almost like one of my child hood movies was now too lame and had to be remade. However I was offered to go to see, and I’ll admit I was curious to compare it to the movies I knew and loved. I am ashamed to say that I actually did enjoy this one a lot more. As I was sitting there I was taking mental notes the whole time knowing the minute I got home I had to blog about it. First of all let’s start with the new man in the red and blue mask, Andrew Garfield as spiderman lets just say is WAY more attractive, and unlike the old spiderman who was humble and timid Garfield is was more a cockier “I’m a genius who got bit by a spider and I’m gonna embrace it” hero. Next is Emma Stone, who I was surprised to see as Gwen not Mary Jane. If you don’t follow the Spiderman comics at all you wouldn’t get it, but if you do you would understand why Gwen is Spidey’s new leading lady. Lastly is the villain Dr. Connor who transformed into an un-named giant lizard creature trying to turn the rest of the world into such things. I’m not going to give away too much, however I did like this version more because the characters were better developed, the cinematography was incredibly vivid and realistic regardless of how many special effects were used, and there was no moment during the movie when I felt like this Spiderman was trying to copy or redo the old one’s. Someone of the same concepts and little bits  of information were still there but with a new twist. The one thing I was little disappointed about though was the famous web particles shooting out of Spidey’s wrist were from devices attached to the suit not from his body directly, and that what really defines Spiderman to me so why they changed that makes no sense. And of course one of the favorite writers ever and Spiderman creator Stan Lee made a funny little cameo as he does with all his movies. In the end I did really enjoy it, and movies like these remind me why I want to be a writer. How your imagination can be transferred to words and how those words can become this beautiful imaginative beyond creative and entertaining story.

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Transformers 3 Review

ALRIGHT! So I finally saw it, yes the so hyped about Transformers 3. I will admit I was dying to see, since I am a huge tranformers fan. Seriously you guys dont understand how huge of a fan I am, I have watched the  previous movies about 50 times each. However lets get on to what I thought of this one. I don’t ever review movies unless I really have something to say about it, and this one I have something to say…. it surpringly wasnt awesome. I was a bit disppointed actually. Of course not with the special effects & action scenes because there no doubt those are always amazing and what really attract people to the Transformers movies. I was disappointed the the story line, of course it tied in to the last one but there was just way to much going on. There were like 4 movies in one, and it was hard to keep up on what the problem and who the hero was. Though there was a really cool surprisinging kind of “OMG!” part in the movie that made the plot a little more intrested and kind of tied them all together so it was terrible but not my favorite. My main turn off’s about Transformers 3 wasthe movie lagged for soooooo long, it was about 3 and a half hours and the about half of that time was spent between him and Shia LeBoufes new gf in the movie, who I actually really liked dispite my disapproval of Meghan Fox getting kicked off. Last thing, I wasnt a big fan of the new filming style they did, the cinemaphotography was amazing as always but the shots so choppy & shaky, plus the kept doing this black out the screen for 30 seconds thing to add a dramatic effect, it really wasnt necessary. Transformers 2 is still my favorite, and oddly this one is my moms favorite, but I did enjoy & it looks really cool 3D.

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Review: Stila Illiminating Powder Foundation

I don’t really do reveiw on this site, I use to do them on my FNL youtube channel ( which is now deleted, long story. ) so I thought I would try and see how it works here, lets go!

I bought Stila’s illimunating powder foundation during the end of December on  http://allcosmeticswholesale.com/ . Now this was my first order ever from them, and I love it! All high end makeup for really great prices, and I ended up saving so much, Sephora charged $22.00 for the actual foundation, and $14.00 for the compact. As for ACW charged $10.00 for the foundation amd $8.00 for compact. The fact that I got it for such a good deal was incredible, and made me like this foundation even more. But honestly the foundation is very worth the $34.00 it original cost.

The main reason I bought this was because I knew I just needed to invest in a high end matte foundation, and I’m in the shade 80 watts. For a long time I used liquid foundations, and switched to powder. This foundation is amazing for all skin types probably, but esepcially mine. Which is combinations normal to oily super sensitive skin. Most of the reveiws I read said it was long lasting, very matte, medium coverage, and super blendable. Litterally I agree with ALL of thsese things. Its really hard for me to find a foundation that lives up to its hype but if reallly does.

Overall I would live Stila Illiminating Powder Foudation a 4 out of 5. Mostly because I don’t like no matter where you buy it Stila requires them to sell the compact and the foundation seperately which is completely pointless.  Other then that I don’t plan on trying another powder foundation for awhile, its stays on all day has great coverage and one of the few face products I;ve used that doesn’t break out my skin. Plus it has SPF 20 :]

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