Tell it to the volcano.

Hello you guys! So I’m just sitting in my room its about 1am, and I’m listening to Miniature Tigers, Tell it To the Volcano. I can’t stop listening to this album & badly singly along, its just simply superb. I’ll probably talk about them in a post later but for now I’m just enjoying a nothing to do summer night, with Queen Helene Mint Mask on my face and scooby doo fruit snacks by my side. I thought being 17 now would be much more eventful then it has been so far but I’m fine. Ah theres a giant moth in my room! Like I was saying, yeah so far nothing eventful and exciting has yet to happen but maybe its too early. I mean it was just my birthday last week no rush. I was looking at some of my favorite blogs (fashion toast, sea of shoes, fashion filth, ect.) and I so one day want to have a blog that is on their level. I am like a C list blog, which I am very proud of, don’t get me wrong I’ve happy here because I’ve worked very hard to FNL just this much attention. However it would be nice to idk one day to I dunno… get the blog lovin blogger of the year award. Now that would be surely superb & more. I’m going to try to be more interactive on here, with pictures and figuring out what kind of post you guys like. I’m usually throw out a post and its just sink or swim after that, you either like it or you dont. I like not being just one ” type ” of blog and being able to be many in one but FNL needs some kind of connection and flow. Please leave me feed back & comments on what you thinks thanks :]

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