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Not so wise words, but they’re enough.

My first week of sophmore year and I’m already super busy, but that is not going to stop me from writing a post. This summer my schools  uniform dress code was changed to NO UNIFORMS ! Let me just explain that my school is filled with Hollister and Abercrombie addicts that drive me crazy! You shouldn’t wear the same name that much thats just my opinion but let me move on before I start ranting on a tottally diffrent post.  My non-uniform-ness this year inspired me to go a little Rachel Bilson/Agness Deyn/Alexa Chung/Ashely Olsen (style icons to me). I went to thrift stores (I now loooove Buffalo Echange!), small boutiques, & department stores… in 4 states. I wasn’t focusing on a certain style or label or what I wanted to be labeled. It was all about what I loved. Fashion in general I love .. obviously. You know how the first day of school sometimes you go through literally 16,000 outfits just to find the right one for the first day of school. That’s what I did and it freaked me out! I kept changing my mind then I realized what should I care! In the end the outfit that I tried on a dozen times and kept doubting & loving I wore on the first day…and I didn’t like it. I knew why… I tried too hard trying hard not to try to hard. Haha I know I’m insane. Then the next day I just woke up and threw on two peices that I loved.  It looked great! I felt great!  The best outfit is the outfit is the outfit you feel confident in and you get compliments in 😀

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hello internet 🙂 . So I start school in 4 days and I’m going to start working this year so if this is gonna be my last post for a long time (which we pray it won’t be!) I want it to be about this! Just yesterday I returned from NEW YORK CITY! I have to admit as I was at tourist level of excitment since I’ve never been and we were staying at the Belvedere in Mannhattan which was awesome! Anyways enough babbling I didn’t go school shopping all summer just so I can do it all in New York. After taking a 10 block walk to the Empire State Building and a 82 floor ride to the what was practically the top of the world I was ready to shop! Hailing a cab took forever and I couldn’t wait! So I ended up walking a few more blocks. Around the Corner was a strip mall of many stores. Daffy’s (only in New York), a giant Forever21, American Eagle ( I love their jeans for tiny little me by the way), Macy’s, Steve Madden (he’s my number one favorite shoe designer), and H&M! So let me just inform you guys that I have never been to H&M before and that New York. It was a 4 floor first taste of heaven for me! I found two amazing dresses for a great deal and some earings. In conclusion my trip to H&M in New York was delightful and everyone should go one day. Next I went to Daffy’s. Their like the uuuum…more stylish version of a giant Marshall’s except with better deals and designers. I got a pair Lovely People black & gray with snake skin flats for let then 25 bucks. So woohoo! If you’ve been reading fuzzyneonllama for awhile your pretty aware I am the discount diva :). Finally we (as in my stylish mom and I) took a cab to SOHO! I probably passed a million and one vintage, high end, low end, faboulous stores, & I wanted to go to everyone of them but there was only one that I was dying to go to. Ever since I went to London 2 years ago I couldn’t stop hearing about this “topshop” place. I just thought it was british slang for a high end store or something like that LOL! Then I went to website and loved it when they annouced they were opening ONE in the United States I was estatic! Then they said New York only and was kinda bummbed (but nothing cool really opens in Texas anyways). Finally after ages of waiting I was there in New York city’s topshop. I love how they know what you want (a good deal right?) and the whole front of the store is sales racks not until you make your way up to four other floors you find the regualar priced stuff which actually wasn’t bad. I found a beautiful violet knee length drapery dress for 80 bucks that looked like it was worth thousands (sadly I didn’t get it because it didn’t fit boooo!). Instead I got more school appropriate dud’s like a floral tanks dress and some solid blue flats. The rest of my trip to New York invovled Dylans Candy bar, a sugar high, and crashing at 3 am. But the city that never sleeps  showed me fabric,clothes, fashion is fasinating and you don’t need to go to a runway show to get inspired.


Diane Von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, YSL these are just a few of some of my favorite designers. I had my first trip to Saks fifth Avenue last weekend and I absolutely loved the entire atmosphere. Every corner of the store featured a designers collection, the next one more fabulous then the last. dvfFirst I headed to DVF here warm “colours” drew me in instantly. I’ve just recently became a fan of  Diane because of watching The City now I’m a big fan her of colors and patterns. Over time I looked through more and more designers  thats once again made my eyes to big for my wallet. I mean I’m only 15 only the girls on NYC Prep can afford this stuff now! Then I finally saw the one and only Marc by Marc Jacobs collection (que the heavenly music).  I can’t even describe how beautiful the peices were to me. There were maybe only no more then 20 peices in his whole little section but I was stuck there for about 45 minutes. My exact words to my mother were “Forget the car for my 16th birthday I’d rather have a Marc Jacobs dress!”. It’s not like we can’t afford a Marc Jacobs dress but saving to go to Occidental is more important. Possibly:)Note:I’m in love with Marc Jacobs like my mom is in love with Jimmy Choo but more:)


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Just thought I’d share and wondering who’s buying this for me 🙂

Find it here!