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Boy Your Summer Fine

So I did this style series 2 summers ago and I so many people who loved it, so of course its become a thing on FNL, and the tradition continues. I have this obsession with mens fashions, I much rather style men then women anyday and thats where this whole idea came from. I just go on the interweb and pull my favorite pictures of super fashionable & STRAIGHT men. I’ve had a couple guys comment telling me how this has helped them become more creative with their style. Enjoy boys….and girls!

Things I want in my closest right now!

1.  Circle Knit Scarf

2.  Black Matte Doc Martens

3.  Plain & Printed Maxi Skirts

4. Asos Ear Cuff

5.  Faux Fur Lined Jacket (I would love a Burberry one but those are definately not in my price range)

“Doc Martens are so much more then a shoe, its a movement & empowerment”

Lately I’ve been looking for a shoe to invest in, something worth my money and love. At first I was intrested in getting a pair of taupe suede Jeffery Campble litas. Which are $250.00 average. Even if its a big steady70′ rocker platform shoe I think someone like me whose, high heel challenged would still have some trouble with them, and I know I wouldnt wear them as often as I would like. So then I kept searching and then it hit me, Doc Martens. As I told my mom I wanted a pair of “Doc’s” for Christmas she told me she had a pair of the famous patent leather black one’s when she was my age, which points out how these classic combat boots will never go out of style.  Doc Martens have been around for god knows how long, but they definately became a cult favorite in the 90’s grunge era.  They have been made the same way for the past 150 years. They werent made to be a fashionable shoe, but a workers boot for miners and construction workers since 1901’s, then got the attention of cool kids everywhere in the 1960’s. Unlike the litas, an orginal pair of Doc’s cost about $115.00 average, more bang for your buck! They’ve grown tremendously though since 1901, with now more then 15 diffrent styles of Doc’s, clothing, and accesorries, and you can design your own custom pair as well. I actually love the history of Doc Martens as much as I love the shoe itself. I know once I get my hands on a pair of these I am going to live and them and love them forever.

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I love tattoos! I always have always will, I plan on getting quite a few myself but until then I like looking at pictures and getting ideas. Here are some of my favorites…



Since my summer is coming to an end in less then 3 day I thought I would do one last summer fashion post. Thanks for all the great feedback on my “boy your summer fine” series. I had alot of fun doing that instead of regular girl fashion like I usually do. But fashionable ladies are what inspire fashionable men & I just couldnt end the summer without doing a summer fashion post. Enjoy!

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“moofins”- a word used to describe an attractive male that they desire ; example: Her new boyfriend is such a moofin.

Her are some of my celebrity “moofins”. I haven’t talked about celelbrity crushes since I was 14 and had Fourteen Magazine (the blog I had before FNL) and the list has definately changed, so for entertain purposed here it is!

1. Shia LeBoufe

2. Anton Yelchin

3. Diggy Simmons

4. Daniel Radcliffe

5. Shad Moss (better known as bow wow)


swag 2.

In december I did a post about an image of a adorable little that i found when I randomly googled the word swag & it got alot of attention. I think little cute kids with swag is just like a thing now on this site, because its still one of my most viewed post. Well I found another one! Haha enjoy. (I actually think its the same kid just a bit older)