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Music Review: OFWGKTA

If you weren’t aware of OFWFKTA (odd future, wold gang, kill them all) I’m about to make you aware because I literally have not been able to stop listening to him for the past 4 days. I may be late on the OFWGKTA band wagon but I don’t care I really like the whole sound of the Odd future gang, and the story behind them. They’re just a bunch of friends from Los Angeles who were sick of hearing the same type of rap music about money and cars and hoes and decided to change that. As my pandora station like to describe them as ” if Wu Tang Clan had skateboarded & rhymed about drugs & gore instead of chess and kung-fu”, which is very accurate. Last week I saw an anncouncement on my college campus that they were coming to town and I was looking for some music sink my teeth into anyway so I decided to give them a try and I’m glad I did. If you don’t have a open mind and not into dark witty metaphors your not going to like them and just think they sound demonic and scary however to me thats not the case. Some of their lyrics are a little scary but  I like it because its so diffrent. I never listen to rap (unless its old school) because its all the same and has really stupid materialist egotistical content. OFWGKTA raps about teenage problems and feeling alone and lost and crazy but adds a sense of humor to it without distasteful but more physiological. My favorite person out of the whole wolf gang is of course the founder Tyler the Creator, now he’s only 20 but has built this musical empire and makes all the beats, which are so DOPE. I would highly recommend his album Goblin and the songs, Sandwiches, Yonkers, Radicals and Transylvania are my favorite. OFWGKTA is doing a Texas tour all throughout December so if you live in Texas I would definitely suggest going to see them 

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Transformers 3 Review

ALRIGHT! So I finally saw it, yes the so hyped about Transformers 3. I will admit I was dying to see, since I am a huge tranformers fan. Seriously you guys dont understand how huge of a fan I am, I have watched the  previous movies about 50 times each. However lets get on to what I thought of this one. I don’t ever review movies unless I really have something to say about it, and this one I have something to say…. it surpringly wasnt awesome. I was a bit disppointed actually. Of course not with the special effects & action scenes because there no doubt those are always amazing and what really attract people to the Transformers movies. I was disappointed the the story line, of course it tied in to the last one but there was just way to much going on. There were like 4 movies in one, and it was hard to keep up on what the problem and who the hero was. Though there was a really cool surprisinging kind of “OMG!” part in the movie that made the plot a little more intrested and kind of tied them all together so it was terrible but not my favorite. My main turn off’s about Transformers 3 wasthe movie lagged for soooooo long, it was about 3 and a half hours and the about half of that time was spent between him and Shia LeBoufes new gf in the movie, who I actually really liked dispite my disapproval of Meghan Fox getting kicked off. Last thing, I wasnt a big fan of the new filming style they did, the cinemaphotography was amazing as always but the shots so choppy & shaky, plus the kept doing this black out the screen for 30 seconds thing to add a dramatic effect, it really wasnt necessary. Transformers 2 is still my favorite, and oddly this one is my moms favorite, but I did enjoy & it looks really cool 3D.

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Summer Besties TAG

 I don’t do beauty videos on youtube anymore but I miss doing reviews and tags which I usually do on here now so here ones enjoy!

Summer Besties TAG:
Favorite summer….
1) Lip product- Love & Beauty lip gloss in salmon

  • smells really really good, & I can buy tons of them cause their only a 1.50
    2) Blush- Love & Beauty leopard bronzer blush
  • An exact dupe for Too Faced leopard bronzer blush, except this one is more sheer which I actually really like.
    3) Nail Polish- Love & Beauty scented nail polish in cucumber melon
  • It seriously is scented & its smelled cantalope! The light green color is gorgeous, it chips alot but it smells so good I just repaint it most of the time
    4) Liquid face product- Nuetrogena helioplex defensive face sunscreen spf 100
  • Been using this since last summer, I love it because I’m really into protecting my skin & I’m outside alot during the summer

5) Powder face product- Stila powder foundation

  • I actually ran out before the summer started but buying some more soon, has spf 20 it and matte.
    6) Hair product- Fantasia ic heat protector + straightening serum
  • I don’t even use a flat iron with this product most of the time & it straightens my bed head pretty well, & the sun doesnt burn hair as bad with the added heat protectant.
    7) Eye product- Maybelline Falsies Mascar waterproof
  • I don’t like waterproof mascars, or false lash effect mascaras but this one is so natural looking and the waterproofness doesn’t smell bad or harden my lashes

8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item)- none
9) Fashion accessory- fedora

  • I have lived in my fedora like every other day during the summer, its cute and its a shade :]
    10) Clothing piece – off the shoulder shirts
  • spaghetti strap shirts are too reaveling to me personally but off the shoulder shirts are so pretty one and still have breathing room when its hot.

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X-men first class:cause & effect

I don’t usually do movie reviews but watching X-men First Class I had somewhat a creative epiphany. Most super hero, super villians stories  consist of some simple flying powers, somehow super awesome natural fighting teqniques, good guy vs bad guy, simple stuff that will entertain any  nerdy hipster soul. However, X-men first class made me really wonder how, “do they come up with this stuff?” , “who would think of such a creative plot line and unthinkable ablities?” , and “what are they on and how do I get some!?”. But seriously, it’s incredible to me the people who thought of that story , the writers mostly. Stan Lee is either a complete creative writing genius who’s brain must be thinking of crazy amazing things 24/7 to come with such odd characters and powers. Or a maniac. As a writer, I really can’t wrap my head around how they do this. Every writer gets writers block, but I bet in between their brain farts they have these thoughts, “lets give him the power to have a super loud whistle or scream that can make him fly, and break glass, and  so many other things”. Or “lets combine real life nuclear events with our story of a mutant misunderstanding”. Genius! I inspire to do with these guys do. Write in a way that makes my audience have a …. a …… see just got a brain fart, it happens lol! An experience. Overall the movie was  way better then I expected. It wasn’t one of those movies that I had to go see, I was just offered to go see it and I’m very glad i did. Matthew Vaughn did an incredible job, as always. He’s one of my favorite directors, of course that is only because he directed one of my favorite movies, Kick Ass.  He did a beautitful job on X-men first class. His cinemaphotography is absolutey gorgeous, and the gorey violent scenes were messy but actually appeared very crisp and clean, and he did the same trick in Kick Ass, so I  absolutely him give kudos. Another thing I reallly liked was Jame’s McAvoy, I’m not a big fan of his because I haven’t seen many of his films, probably not any. He played young Proffessor X very well though, and let me go back to being a girl and mention how hot he is, woo he is also gorgeous and a very good actor. That definitely added to how much I liked the movie. Kevin Bacon as the bad guy, was cool too but I whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about him in footloose, and thats just not evil! Haha okay I’m done, thanks for reading. ( These kind of post make me remember why I love writing )

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Review: Stila Illiminating Powder Foundation

I don’t really do reveiw on this site, I use to do them on my FNL youtube channel ( which is now deleted, long story. ) so I thought I would try and see how it works here, lets go!

I bought Stila’s illimunating powder foundation during the end of December on . Now this was my first order ever from them, and I love it! All high end makeup for really great prices, and I ended up saving so much, Sephora charged $22.00 for the actual foundation, and $14.00 for the compact. As for ACW charged $10.00 for the foundation amd $8.00 for compact. The fact that I got it for such a good deal was incredible, and made me like this foundation even more. But honestly the foundation is very worth the $34.00 it original cost.

The main reason I bought this was because I knew I just needed to invest in a high end matte foundation, and I’m in the shade 80 watts. For a long time I used liquid foundations, and switched to powder. This foundation is amazing for all skin types probably, but esepcially mine. Which is combinations normal to oily super sensitive skin. Most of the reveiws I read said it was long lasting, very matte, medium coverage, and super blendable. Litterally I agree with ALL of thsese things. Its really hard for me to find a foundation that lives up to its hype but if reallly does.

Overall I would live Stila Illiminating Powder Foudation a 4 out of 5. Mostly because I don’t like no matter where you buy it Stila requires them to sell the compact and the foundation seperately which is completely pointless.  Other then that I don’t plan on trying another powder foundation for awhile, its stays on all day has great coverage and one of the few face products I;ve used that doesn’t break out my skin. Plus it has SPF 20 :]

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Jeremey Scott is a genius. period.

I’ve always been a big huge fan of Marc Jacobs. Now of course were talking about the Jermey Scott here but let me continue, if your unaware who he is the best I can suggest  is to google him and the list of celebs who love his designs, as my explation of the man and his clothing are not worthy of much. And if you don’t know who Marc Jacobs is what rock have you been hiding under!? Anyways, my point I love Marc Jacobs designs because it very fashionably peculiar in a way. Some of his designs you have to real confidence to wear and work daily. If I could afford it now I so would. Now Jermey Scott takes this same idea and just turns in up 150 watts, probably more. I saw some of his designs and was blown away but the creativity, and intansatly thought only crazy person would wear that and only a crazier person would designs it and in an odd way I love it! I’m not bashing him at all, I’m praising that I’ve discovered another rare designer who has steped out of he box of whats in style in stepped into what he wants to make, and what everyone wishes they would be bold to wear. Ladies & gentleman, Mr. Jermey Scott.

and check out these super amazing sneakers he designed that gots lots of people talking

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can a drummer get some!?

I’ve always loved good rap music. Let me repeat that GOOD, not that waka flacka whatever and t pain stuff. Ew no. I am a child of the 90’s my mom is a child of the age of the birth of hip hop. I was in my mothers womb listening to the beastie boys and grew up in a house listening to de la soul and outkast. Not many artisit out now I like, I’m a big fan of Kanye West and Kid Cudi and Asher Roth but that abouts it for new school artist. I’ll always love The Beastie Boys though. like I’ve been in love with Kid Cudi and B.O.B’s collabs with artist that lots of people wouldnt except them to work with lately. When I discovered this song on twitter I instantly loved it. Blink 182’s famously tattooed drumer Travis Barker is releasing a mix tape, called “can a drummer get some” Here’s the track Plus Travis Barker is super hot so give it a listen :]

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This is no Bridget Jones!

been OBESSED with this song all weekend! My god how much I love The Wombats check them out if you get a chance because they definately don’t get as much attention in the U.S. as they deserve

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Look Alive Sunshine!

I haven’t listened to My Chemial Romance in forever, I don’t know why I faded as a fan for them but I recently regained my love for such an amazing band and loooove their new song just as much as their old ones.

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