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Beyonce Album Review

ImageSo even though this happened a couple weeks ago, I still can’t believe what Miss Beyonce did! She dropped an album out of freakin nowhere, and not only that included a video for each song, like who does that!? She’s pretty much amazing. Went #1 in 66 countries in less than 24 hours, and kept this album super secret and not a single song was leaked ever, that’s pretty much unheard of until now. I am a huge Beyonce fan, my little self had every destiny’s child album and  I even still have the dolls (which my mom never allowed me to take out of box) and will forever be on #queenbey . I will admit though I am a bigger fan of her than her music, like obviously I love her hit singles but I have never sat down and just listened to one of her albums all the way through. When Beyonce released her self titled visual album I was amazed and intrigued and before buying it immediately like everyone else I wanted to see what people were saying about it. Obviously this album got a lot of mixed reviews, some said it was too sexual for her as a mother, some said it didn’t really sound like her music, and every drag queen and gay man obviously loved loved loved it. For Christmas I got an itunes gift cards and decided to go head and buy it. I listened to all the songs, and watched all the videos in one sitting. At first I wasn’t super impressed, none of the songs really sounded like Beyonce hits. But then I watched the videos, and then the songs really made sense and her vision really came together. The songs on their own are alright but the songs and videos together really tell a visually beautiful story, and its amazing that she was able to tell her team her creative vision and they were able to create so wonderfully. My favorite songs on the album by themselves are ‘Partition’, and ‘drunk in love’. I don’t have to watch the videos to boogies to those songs. But my favorites song with the videos are ‘ super power’ (which her hair and makeup are super fierce in), and ‘mine’. My favorite song on the entire album is beyonce-album-new-2‘flawless’ , mainly because the message is so girls rule, it’s very much a more grown up intellectual bad ass version or girls run the world. As for Beyonce’s performance on the whole album it’s self, I do have to agree it’s way more sexual than anything else of heard from her, but I really like.  She’s a wife and mom and is full of nasty thoughts hah, like go her! And I definitely like her message of  girls should be equal, this album is very feminist and I love that too. Overall I definitely recommend purchasing, if you haven’t already its one of those albums worth having even if your not a huge Beyonce fan. It great to listen to when your just relaxing or getting ready to go out with your girls.

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Artist Analysis: Earl Sweatshirt

earl-sweatshirt-hive-videoSo for those are new here, I started this blog when I was 14 years old (originally titled Fourteen Magazine, oh so creative eh?) , which was strictly dedicated to writing about music. I would interview bands via Myspace and then post it. However times have changed, and I dont have a myspace nor the time to interview bands so I thought I would transition into doing some music related post by doing “Artist Analysis”. My first artist analysis is going to be Earl Sweatshirt, one of the many member of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew. I’ve reviewed the crew’s music, and I’ve reviewed the Tyler the creators musics now its time for Earl, and I think I may be actually liking him a little bit more than Tyler. I’ve been listening to his album Doris in my car constantly, and I like his rap style is alot more smooth and chill, than loud and in your face than most Odd Future music. However he still has the vulgar and L.A. attitude in his music that I like so much. The beats are sick on his tracks, like with every odd future produced album. You can definitely tell how much thought, time, and energy went into writing his lyrics, and producing the beats. I appreciate and artist who really cares about what they’re putting out there, and not just throwing some garbage to their fans and listener just to earn another big paycheck. Thanks not what good rap music is about, and Earl Sweatshirt makes that clear as the artist that he is. My favorite songs on the Doris album are Sunday, High, Chum, and Whoa.

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Album Review: WOLF x Tyler The Creator


Hey you guys so I am suppose to be finishing my study guide for my geology final I have in about 9 hours, however in the midst of my all nighter I’m bound to get distracted and procrastinate. Like almost every other student I listen to music when I study, and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been listening to the new Tyler The Creator Album titled WOLF. A few months back I did a whole post on my discovery and obsession with Odd Future, so I was pumped we I heard a new album for Tyler was coming out. The first song he released was Domo, and teaser of Bimmer. With those along I was even more pumped for the album. Not only because my favorite singer Frank Ocean was featured on the album, but also The beats were new and creative, and the lyrics were as always relatable in a “confused emotional weird crazy teenager” sort of way, which I always am. More than anything I apperciate the beats Tyler makes, they are literally like nothing I have ever heard, I can’t imagine how much work went into making them. =As for lyrics I feel like alot of different people could relate to his lyrics if they really listen. Overall I really enjoy the album, its different but not too different its very Tyler and he talks about the things he always does, girls, his dad, growing up, his view on the world, hanging out with friends. He stays true to himself and Odd Future on this album, but listeners can tell he’s growing as an artist, and that this album is for his fans. If you’re a fan of chill head bobbing music, with sick beats I would definitely suggest it. And if you have never listened to Odd Future before listen to the other albums first, and then you’ll really understand this one. My favorite songs on this album are “cowboy” , “48” , “Bimmer”, & “IFHY” .


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Current Playlist

Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar

Right Girl by The Maine

Ungodly Fruit by Wax Tailor 

IFHY by Tyler The Creator

Kiss with a Fist by Florence & The Machine

Resentment by Beyonce

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Current Playlist

Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar

I want you by The Beatles

Pour it up by Rihanna

Domo 23 by Tyler the Creator

Golden Girl by Frank Ocean

Killing Me Softy by The Fugees

Hurt like mine by The Black Keys




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RIP Ms. Winehouse

I seriously thought it was a joke when I was informed via text message from a friend that Amy Whinehouse had passed away Sunday July 24th, 2011  Her sound was unclassifable in the music industry and I will miss her music dearly. I distinctly remember when I was 13 years  old living in Long Beach and saw heard Amy Whinehouse’s hit song, Rehab on tv. Then I ran into the living room and was surprised to see such a small woman with a big voice and big hair and crazy cool eyeliner. I feel in love with the song and couldn’t stop singing around the house having no idea of its context.   Since I heard about the sad news I now haven’t been able to stop singing Back to Black, one of my favorite songs by her out of many that will live in her fans heart forever. You will be dearly missed Ms. Whinehouse.



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can a drummer get some!?

I’ve always loved good rap music. Let me repeat that GOOD, not that waka flacka whatever and t pain stuff. Ew no. I am a child of the 90’s my mom is a child of the age of the birth of hip hop. I was in my mothers womb listening to the beastie boys and grew up in a house listening to de la soul and outkast. Not many artisit out now I like, I’m a big fan of Kanye West and Kid Cudi and Asher Roth but that abouts it for new school artist. I’ll always love The Beastie Boys though. like I’ve been in love with Kid Cudi and B.O.B’s collabs with artist that lots of people wouldnt except them to work with lately. When I discovered this song on twitter I instantly loved it. Blink 182’s famously tattooed drumer Travis Barker is releasing a mix tape, called “can a drummer get some” Here’s the track Plus Travis Barker is super hot so give it a listen :]


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This is no Bridget Jones!

been OBESSED with this song all weekend! My god how much I love The Wombats check them out if you get a chance because they definately don’t get as much attention in the U.S. as they deserve

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“your only as tall as your heart will let you be”

went to see him, Carl Hulsey, & The Maine on Tuesday it was amazing but this song has been stuck in my head ever since

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Okay so my friend is probably gonna literally kill me, for putting this up like I just punched her in the boob and she wants to murder me now lol. Buut here is her blog, and she sent me a link of her singing  I thought it sounded amazing she doesnt believe me though! Leave a comment, telling me what you think and I’ll get the word back to her. I definately dont have any of the guts to even put my recordings of me singing on my computer ha so I’m quite proud of my friend cause she’s such an introver (if you don’t know what it means look it up! hint, I’m  extrovert). here is it give a listen to tell me what you think http://ialwaysthink.tumblr.com/post/915069333/i-messed-up-on-one-part-idk-if-i-even-sing

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